Treating the Gluteus Minimus using Trigger Point Therapy

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Treating Gluteus Minimus, presented by Stuart Hinds


[Greek gloutos, buttock; Latin minimus, smallest]

The gluteus minimus is situated anteroinferior and deep to the gluteus medius, whose fibers obscure it.


Outer surface of ilium between anterior and inferior gluteal lines.


Anterior border of greater trochanter.


Abducts, medially rotates, and may assist in flexion of hip joint. Antagonists: lateral rotator group.


Superior gluteal nerve, L45, S1.

Basic Functional Movement

Example: stepping sideways over an object, such as a low fence.


Gluteus Minimus Trigger Points

Gluteus Minimus - Common Trigger Point Sites and Referred Pain Patterns


Referred Pain Patterns

A multipennate muscle with multiple anterior, middle, and posterior trigger points referring strong pain in the lower buttock, hip, and lateral lower extremity beyond knee to ankle and calf.

A huge percentage of leg pain, including sciatica, has a connection to gluteus minimus and hamstrings.


Pain sitting to standing, pain at rest/walking/side lying, night pain (may wake), hip replacement, sciatica/pseudo sciatica, leg length discrepancy, postural issues, hip pain in bed, arthritic hip, post hip surgery.


Sitting on wallet, sports injury (tennis, running, biking), trauma from fall, motorcycling, standing on one leg, sitting cross-legged, hip/ knee/ankle injury/fracture, leg casts.

Differential Diagnosis

Radiculopathy (lumbar). Sacroiliitis. Hip joint dysfunction. Sciatic irritation. Hip bursitis.


TFL, other gluteal muscles, vastus lateralis, IT band, QL, peroneal muscles, piriformis, pelvic alignment.


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