I would recommend to any of my colleagues wanting to do a Trigger Point Dry Needling Course, to do Stuart’s.

Stuart Hind’s provided me with the best and most comprehensive tuition in his Trigger Point Dry Needling Course/ and Post Graduate Course. His enthusiasm for what he teaches is contagious. He teaches in-depth courses in a way that is exciting, easy and not overwhelming leaving you with wanting to learn more.

You’re able to take the techniques learned and use them straight away in your clinic with ease and confidence knowing you have the knowledge and skills behind you.

I love Stuart’s courses and I have done 3 so far in my 10 years of being a Remedial Massage Therapist and have never been disappointed. I have a lot of respect for this very amazing and knowledgeable teacher/mentor and would recommend him/his courses to anyone. I’ve had a lot of success and very happy clients in my clinics with the skills Stuart has taught me.

Thank you Stuart for your friendship, knowledge, skills and encouragement.

Jayne Crabtree
Remedial Massage and Trigger Point Dry Needling Therapist



A diamond in the Soft Tissue profession, Stuart Hinds’ experience and ability to communicate his knowledge in a workshop setting is exceptional.  Great content, great context, great delivery.

Brad Hiskins
Managing Director
Clinic 88
Head of Service Soft Tissue Therapy, Beijing and Athens Olympic Games
B.Sc (Melb Uni), Adv. Dip Health Science (Soft Tissue Therapy)



I have known Stu since 2012 when we both were fortunate enough to be selected as a massage therapist at London 2012 Olympics. During that period he provided me with the guidance and mentored me on the expectations of being part of an Olympic campaign.

He is a remarkable therapist, as I was fortunate to witness this first hand but most importantly is always willing to share ideas and educate those around him no matter what.

Since then, I have considered him to be a great friend and colleague and has always been a great sounding board to me offering advice and/or solutions.

It gives me great pleasure to have had the opportunity to work alongside one of Australia’s best therapists!

Vince Cosentini
Soft Tissue Therapist



I got to see one of the best Massage Therapists in action and learn from one of the best lecturers I’ve ever had. The way Stu would palpate muscles and assess clients, the range of techniques he would use in treating different soft tissue areas and the way he would communicate to his clients was elite.

Completing the Diploma was a great challenge but an enjoyable one. I feel very privileged to have learnt from Stuart Hinds and it’s because of this I was ready and able to complete work experience at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) and then get a job working at Alphington Sports Medicine Clinic.

I cannot thank Stuart enough for all his time and hard work over the years and can’t recommend him highly enough as a lecturer and also a therapist. So whether you’re in need of someone to teach you about remedial massage or you’re in need of someone for a remedial massage, Stuart Hinds is your man!

Mark Blicavs
Soft Tissue Therapist
Geelong Footballer



After a break from working my massage practice full-time, I have recently decided to build my practice again. I had bought a number of practice building eBooks regarding client generation but have found them to be irrelevant; they are geared towards therapeutic practices.

I came across Stuart’s website and saw a link on “One to one mentoring” and thought I would try it out. Stuart asked me to fill out a simple form regarding where I am at the moment so as to get a feel for what I was after in my session.

After our meeting I came away with a clear picture of what I want to do and steps in place for how to achieve them. I found Stuart to be professional and knowledgeable in his field. I have already noticed a difference in my practice by implementing the advice I received.

If you are looking for mentoring on how to build your practice or fine tune any part of your business, I highly recommend Stuart Hinds.

Jeff Robinson
Remedial Massage Therapist



I would encourage anyone who is considering studying under Stuart Hinds to do so, he has been the most outstanding Remedial massage teacher I have come across in my career.  His approach to teaching is one of kind, his is knowledge is vast and his down to earth nature makes him extremely approachable, he makes things easy and fun to learn.

I have the pleasure of studying under Stuart Hinds three times, and any further education he can provide I would undertake if I was able.

Bridgette Miller
Remedial Massage Therapist



Stuart Hinds workshops and online mentoring are a learning opportunity not to be missed. You will complete his workshops full of knowledge and the confidence to use your new skills the very next day.

The online mentoring session not only gave me the opportunity to discuss treatment techniques and options but the chance to discuss business ideas. Stuart’s reputation as a leading therapist is matched by his ability as an educator.

Marty Fry
Remedial Massage Therapist



I have had the pleasure of working with Stu Hinds not only as an elite athlete, but also as a therapist. As an athlete, Stu was able to bring me back from a chronic two year injury that almost ended my career. His dynamic and functional approach turned a corner for my injury and taught me enough to compete as an elite athlete at the World Championship, Commonwealth, and Olympic level.

His mentoring and passion sparked a desire for me to be a therapist that could have the same impact on other athletes. The wisdom and ability to give truly valuable knowledge on musclulo-skeletal health and therapy, particularly his manual skills on myofascia, began my journey to work with multiple Australian national sports teams, also including a position with the World Athletics Center in Arizona.

A great bloke, and an extraordinary ability to engage with students and clients alike, Stu will remain one of the most influential people in my athletic and working career.”

Brendan Cole
Soft Tissue Therapist.
400 meter Olympian Hurdler