Olympic Power Lifting for Strength and Speed - Instructors Course

Olympic Power Lifting for Strength and Speed - Instructors Course

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Learn the techniques developed by Mike McGurn to help some of the worlds top athletes run faster, jump higher, and tackle harder - including Irish National Rugby Team, St. Helens Rugby, Hull City FC, Everton FC, New Zealand "All Blacks", and World Champion Boxer, Bernard Dunne.


This course is designed for coaches, athletic trainers, and exercise professionals

Course Objectives

With 60 HD video classes and accompanying notes, this course shows you how to integrate Olympic Power Lifting techniques into your clients training programs - irrespective of wether they are novices or elite athletes.

Increases Power

Power is basically strong movement, performed at speed.

While squats and deadlifts are key exercises that are rightly emphasized in most elite strength and conditioning programs - the power output of the olympic lifts are significantly higher.

Increases Speed

Olympic weight lifting exercises are total body movements.

During these Olympic lifts (The Clean & the Snatch), the body is being trained to move a weight at a rapid rate.

Increases Jumping Ability

Olympic lifting is understood by elite athletes to be one of the single best ways to improve jumping ability.


Power Lifting for Strength and Speed


This course includes unlimited password protected access to 60 video classes and downloadable notes and training schedules. Exam and NAT Certification.