NAT Master Course - Trigger Point Therapist Power Pack (30 CPE)

NAT Master Course - Trigger Point Therapist Power Pack (30 CPE)

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Learn to create and integrate effective trigger point treatment protocols including massage, compression, stretching and muscle energy techniques - for over 100 common musculoskeletal disorders.

This comprehensive course pack includes 3 texts (fully illustrated exam editions):

  • Anatomy of Pain - Trigger Point Master Course
  • Muscle Energy Techniques - MET Master Course
  • Anatomy of Stretching - Stretching Master Course


Accepted professions include massage therapist; sports massage therapist; remedial massage therapist; physical therapist; physical therapist assistant; chiropractor; acupuncturist; osteopath; registered nurse; occupational therapist; OTA, MD. 


Full course texts, complete exam packs and free/unlimited access to online certification.

30 CPE from MMA (Formerly AAMT)

Note: There is NO time limit for submitting exams which are taken online.






NAT Trigger Point Certification L3

Includes NAT L3 Certification


Trigger Point Therapy - 3 Course Power Pack: