Treating Tension Headache - Trigger Point Master Class (10 CPE)

Treating Tension Headache - Trigger Point Master Class (10 CPE)

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This NAT Master Class covers treatment techniques and considerations for all common forms of headache.

Includes Course Text (120 pages); 19 online video classes; online exam (25 Questions) and certification. 

Step-By-Step Treatment Protocols

Tension Type Headaches; Cervicogenic Headaches; Migraine Headaches; Medication Overuse Headaches; Cluster and Sinus Headaches; Greater Occipital Neuralgia; TMJD Headache; Examination and Testing; Differential Diagnosis; NAT Algorithms


Highly recommended for all massage/manual therapists

Includes: 10 CPE from MMA (Formerly AAMT)

About Dr. Jonathan Kuttner

This NAT course is presented by Dr Jonathan Kuttner (MBBCH, Dip Sports Med, Dip MSM, FRNZCGP, FAFMM).

Dr. Kuttner is a musculo-skeletal pain specialist who has spent the last 35 years in New Zealand, working as a doctor, teaching, and writing.

Dr. Kuttner is the author on numerous texts on the subjects of trigger points and chronic pain, and in 2014 received the NAMTPT Lifetime Award for contribution to Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy.  


Suitable for all massage therapists, manual therapists, bodyworkers


NAT Certified Trigger Point Therapist


NAT Certification Included

To become NAT certified you will need to successfully complete the online exam and must be qualified as one of the following:

 Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Athletic Trainer (USA), Occupational Therapist, Medical Doctor, Nurse, Medic


Tension Headache Trigger Point Course

NAT Tension Headache Pro: $94.00