NAT Trigger Point Course - Trigger Point Theory (10 CPE)

NAT Trigger Point Course - Trigger Point Theory (10 CPE)

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The 3-hour course work includes one part written material (72pp), 4 Video Classes and an online exam. The course text is fully illustrated and includes:

Myofascia; Embryology of fascia; Trigger Point Characteristics; Referred Pain Patters; Physiology of trigger Points; Physiology of Movement; Muscle Morphology; Peripheral and Central Sensitization; Trigger Point Formation and Posture; Lifestyle and Diet; Differential Diagnosis; Trigger Point Classification; Reciprocal Inhibition; Neuroplastic Trigger Point Hypothesis; Treating Trigger Points in Reverse; NAT Theory; Complexity Theory; Super Trigger points 

Suitable for:

Nurses, Manual Therapists, Exercise Professionals

Complete and submit online reflective learning paper (multiple choice / QA format) for NAT certification (included). 


10 CPE from MMA (Formerly AAMT)


Trigger Point Theory Course


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