Stuart Hinds Membership Service Subscription Agreement

Subscription Agreement

I agree to subscribe to Stuart Hinds Member Services to help me grow my business with monthly payments of $20 (minimum period of 12 months) and understand the Terms and Conditions associated with being a subscriber of this website.

As a member of Stuart Hinds Membership you will receive regular free or discounted products and services to help you grow your business. These services and products are for subscribed members or paid users only and are subject to copyright laws and may not be transferred or copied for others without the express permission of Stuart Hinds.

The minimum subscription period is one year. Subscription prices may rise in the future depending on additional services being offered but will not change during the 12 month subscribed membership. Any change in membership pricing is expected to be for new memberships only, rewarding loyal existing subscribers. Any change in pricing will be notified with reasons 30 days before the change.

Stuart Hinds and his team aim to help all members improve their technical and business skills to build successful therapy businesses. While every care will be taken Stuart Hinds and his team to assist subscribers, Stuart Hinds and his team take no financial or legal responsibilities for subscribers of this service and their activities.

All information provided by subscribers will be kept confidential and protected and used only for the purposes of delivering services to the subscriber. It will not be given out for any third party use, noting that data transmission over the internet cannot be guaranteed to be totally secure.

If there are any issues or disputes, Stuart Hinds and his team, will act in a professional manner to reach a timely resolution.

Stuart Hinds reserves the right to withdraw membership services should users of this service not act in a professional manner when participating on any of the online forums or webinars.

The subscriber may cancel their subscription after the 12 month period (or earlier by the discretion of Stuart Hinds) by contacting us by telephone, email, or in writing. Contact details are published on this website. When we receive your request to cancel your subscription we will process your cancellation and confirm this to you by email within 48 hours. Please contact us if you do not receive confirmation of your cancellation within 48 hours.

If the subscriber cancels their subscription, we will not make any further charges against the customer’s credit card after the date of receipt of the cancellation request. We are not able to make refunds for partial months.

The subscribers monthly subscription fee will be charged automatically each month until such time as the customer chooses to cancel. If the customer has not cancelled the subscription but the customer’s credit card is declined for any reason we will attempt to notify the customer by email or telephone. If we are unable to contact the subscriber or to rectify the situation satisfactorily, we reserve the right to cancel the subscribers subscription.