NAT Certified


It's more than 12 years since I was first introduced to my first NAT home learning course.

That course taught me the NAT technique for treating frozen shoulder, but it also literally changed the way that I have worked ever since.

Over the last decade and more, I have applied myself to learning more about trigger points and holding patterns, and have integrated this knowledge into a wide range of treatment techniques.

I was delighted some years ago to become an NAT instructor, and to have co-hosted the first ever NAT Trigger Point workshop in Australia, in 2015.

Later that same year, I was invited by Niel Asher Healthcare to work with them to produce a series of courses based on some of my specialities, including 'The Performance Hip' and 'Treating Sciatic Pain', both of which are due to be published in 2017.

Niel Asher Healthcare, the company behind NAT, have built a solid reputation for providing high-quality distance learning that is easy to access, easy to study, and easy to implement.

We are proud to represent Niel Asher education here in Australia and to make their terrific learning products available to the local market.


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