The Inner Sanctum: a self-care retreat for manual therapists of all modalities!

Join us for the 2022 Inner Sanctum therapist retreat: four days dedicated to teaching sustainable techniques and clinical self-care

As therapists, we give so much of themselves: we give our time, our energy, and our passion to our clients. It's time to give back and look after yourselves! That's why we're running the first ever Inner Sanctum retreat - an amazing opportunity for you to recharge with your peers, learn self-care techniques in a special treatment lab, all among the glorious scenery of Bali! 

You've never seen anything like this before! We've developed this retreat specifically for therapists to focus on their own health and wellbeing. It's time to invest in yourself and join us for the kind of retreat every therapists dreams of!

Join us for three days of rest and recharging at this exclusive self-care masterclass!


5-7 September 2022


Novotel Bali Benoa


Because you deserve it!


For both Inner Circle members and non-members including their families - because everyone needs a holiday!

beach and cliffs in Nusa Penida

The retreat specifically for therapists' health and wellbeing!

Three day self-care workshop

Inner Circle members pay $650 for the four-day workshop, including self-care masterclass, treatment labs, and lunches.


$1,000 (approx. $100 per night, plus $500 return airfare)


$100 deposit required to secure your place at the workshop, plus 20% deposit required by Mantra Club Croc to lock in their special rate
(note: applies to Garden Deluxe and Family Bunk rooms only)

Bring the family and retreat to somewhere warm during the winter school holidays!

What you'll experience

Day One: Self-care masterclass

This masterclass, delivered by Stuart Hinds, covers a range of issues relevant to manual therapists of all modalities. Topics include managing your workload, maintaining your physical health, and ensuring your mental health. 

Day Two: Treatment lab

We explore what each individual needs in relation to their own soft tissue treatments using everyone’s toolbox of modalities.

Day Three: Treatment lab 

The R&R treatment lab continues! Learn strategies to help recharge and recenter yourself, then apply them on the spot to improve your own health and wellbeing before returning to your practice feeling amazing and inspired!

Why would you not come?

  • Recharge your professional batteries
  • Learn strategies to keep yourself and your workload sustainable
  • Escape the winter and spend the school holidays in the sun and surf
  • Earn CPE points on a tax-deductible holiday in the beautiful scenery of Bali!

Numbers are limited - book now!

Testimonials from the 2021 Inner Sanctum

"I learned so much over the 3 days. Other therapists experiences, how and why they got into the industry. Everyone was there because they want to be better at their craft and also outcomes for their clients.

The way we all treat and approach an issue so differently but can still achieve a change for our clients. Vanessa and Katherine were amazing in sharing their skills and I have so much take home for seeing them treat.

Stuart made everyone feel comfortable. You are a font of knowledge and more than willing to share it with us.

For anyone considering attending the next retreat, all I can say is that you will not be disappointed. Not only will you learn a lot but you will meet incredible therapists who are passionate about massage. Thanks all again for making this a week that I will never forget."

"Having a longer time together helped to build the relationships which I found great. At other courses I have done with you hasn't happened and only time can do that. I also liked spending time with everyone on a social level. We all had lots of laughs and fun.

Workshop wise learning from everyone was amazing. Listening and watching how everyone worked, all differently was great, have taken lots of bits and pieces with me and looking forward to using them. I think if there were a lot of people at the retreat it would loss a lot of the intimacy and the shy people would get lost in the back ground.

 As I work from home and by myself being able to talk with other therapists was very bucket filling. I would recommend to all therapists those only new and those who have been in the industry for many years as everyone will as everyone will be able to take lots home. My bucket was pretty empty when we came but full when I left. 

Thankyou everyone for a fantastic week."