Unlock frozen shoulder and hip dysfunction
with this exclusive live workshop!

Are you one of the many soft-tissue therapists who struggle to effectively treat clients suffering from frozen shoulder?

Do your clients have challenging hip conditions that you just can't quite figure out?

This course is designed specifically for treating practitioners who want understand how frozen shoulder and hip dysfunction can develop, their aetiology, and how you can help clients who suffer from them.

This two-day workshop provides you with the theoretical groundwork you need to understand these debilitating conditions, and the practical tools you need treat them.

You'll walk out with everything you need to treat frozen shoulder and hip dysfunction safely and confidently, and understand the complex aetiology that causes it.

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30 November - 1 December 2019
Perth, WA Australia

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Stuart hinds explains the origins of the NAT Frozen shoulder and hip dysfunction technique

"The NAT Hip Treatment technique is a unique soft tissue therapy-based protocol developed to aid in unlocking the key restrictions in common altered movement pattern syndromes seen in hip joint dysfunction. It has been derived from the NAT shoulder technique. Three altered movement patterns have been identified and the treatment protocols are aimed at unlocking the three altered movement patterns.

It was whilst working at the London Olympics that this particular example of restriction / overload was most evident. Some of athletes would present with symptoms of lateral hip pain, non-specific bilateral lower back pain / stiffness and insentient hamstring tightness, on palpation excessive tension and sensitivity to the gluteus medius/minmus, consistent with chronic overloading, treatment to lower back tissues these areas were short lived. It became an ongoing cycle with continued overload and restriction.

However, once I starting assessing passive hip abduction, extension, internal rotation range of movement, there was a common pattern.”

WHat will you learn at the workshop?

During this two day workshop you’ll understand the theory and practice required to confidently treat these two complex conditions. The workshop is run by Stuart Hinds, a leading Australian soft-tissue therapist with over 30 years experience.

Stuart has developed the Hip soft tissue protocol from working with elite athletes and his experience working at 4 Olympics, and applying to all of the community, this technique works firstly on identify the key main restrictors around the hip and the holding patterns that develop around them and of course the simple yet powerful techniques to unlock them. If you're working with hip, thigh, knee, leg, and foot conditions then this technique is the starting point.

The Frozen Shoulder condition is one of the most debilitating conditions any hands on practitioner can come across, Stuart will walk you through the different phases, classification and all the underpinning knowledge to know when treating, did you know not all frozen shoulder conditions are all the same. Then Stuart walks you through the practical step by step treatment procedure to consistently and effectively treat this confusing and frustrating condition. Developed by Simeon Niel Asher, a world-leading British Osteopath which Stuart co presented the first Australian workshop.

This is a fantastic opportunity to expand your professional practice. You’ll learn game-changing techniques for unlocking common holding patterns that develop in athletes’ hips, plus the proven Niel Asher Technique for treating frozen shoulder.

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About stuart Hinds

Stuart Hinds is a leading Australian soft tissue therapist with over 30 years of experience in professional practice. He regularly lectures on remedial soft tissue techniques at Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia), and is internationally recognized for his work with the Australian Olympic Teams (Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012).

Stuart was a keynote speaker at the 3rd Joint Sportex Sports Massage Association Conference in the UK (2005) and the Australian Soft Tissue Conference (2012). He has also been a presenter at the Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport in Canberra (2003),the AAMT National

Conference in Canberra (2005), The Institute of Registered Myotherapists National Conference in Melbourne (2007), the AAMT National Conference in Hobart (2009) and the IRMA Myotherapy National Conference (2010).

Stuart has pioneered his own technique for treating hip pain and dysfunction (the NAT Hip Technique) and regularly publishes articles in local and international industry journals and mainstream publications relating to soft tissue treatments and musculoskeletal dysfunction. In 2016, Stuart was awarded a lifetime membership with Massage & Myotherapy Australia for his significant support and contribution to the industry.