Pilates for Menopause - NAT Diploma Course

Pilates for Menopause - NAT Diploma Course

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Course Description

The core competencies of a massage therapist call for the integration of systemic disorders, conditions and treatments into client care and our assessments offer the ideal opportunity to screen for seemingly unrelated health conditions.

As therapists it is entirely possible that we are the first professional that a woman will disclose potential menopausal symptoms to. Therapists spend time with clients, the time so often lacking within a medical consultation.

The British Menopause Society Survey of womens’ experience of Menopause (2016) suggests more needs to be done to educate women about their menopause symptoms and the treatments available.  The BMS vision for Menopause care states that “All healthcare professionals should have a basic understanding of the menopause and where to signpost women for advice support and treatment whenever appropriate.” (Dr H Currie, K Abernethie & Mr H Hamoda, 2021).

Better still, our therapeutic interventions can legitimately incorporate appropriate exercises and pain and stress management techniques that are integral to a holistic approach into client care.

The course video tutorials and 160 page illustrated text and comprehensive 300 page workbook provide Pilates Practitioners; Massage and Manual Therapists with a comprehensive understanding of how the core functions, and how stabilization helps promote health and proper movement patterns through the development of balanced muscles, joint alignment, and core control. It discusses the menopause in detail, the symptoms,  the long term health consequences and how Pilates can help to alleviate them.


Learning Outcomes;

Category Health Sciences

  • Examine the impact of menopausal hormonal fluctuations on a woman’s physiology.
  • Examine the impact of menopausal hormonal fluctuations on a woman’s neurophysiology.
  • Examine the contribution of hormonal fluctuations to common pathology; Principally the effects on muscle and bone, brain and nerves, the cardiovascular system and genitourinary system.
  • Examine the common symptoms of menopause to enable therapists to support clients who may be affected. 
  • Summarise the kinesiology principles of the Pilates for Menopause method.

Clinical Science

  • Integrate knowledge of the physiological and psychological effects of the menopause transition and common associated conditions into client care.
  • Integration of Pilates for Menopause exercises into client care.

Professional Development

  • Apply Pilates for Menopause into self care.


About the Presenter

Phillipa Butler, is a Chartered Physiotherapist with many years of experience in the NHS and private sector helping people recover from accidents, illness or injury. Her passion is teaching and Phillipa loves working with people to help them exercise in a correct, safe and effective way and discover the life enhancing power of movement.

Phillipa is a Certified Pilates Mat and Reformer teacher, Certified Hatha Yoga and meditation teacher and she uses her many and varied skills to generate and enhance well-being.

In addition to being a Physiotherapist she runs an online virtual wellness platform, called Precizion offering Pilates, Hatha Yoga and Mindful Movement and Meditation classes


What's Included?

Course Texts

Functional Anatomy of the Pilates Core

Course Notes


Full colour illustrations

Easy "Quick Reference" format

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Video Classes

11 Video Classes presented by Phillipa Butler

HD quality video accessed via our Virtual Classroom (password provided) with closed-captions subtitles in English.

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Online Exams  and Certification

Online Exam comprising multiple choice questions

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Massage and Manual Therapists, Physical Therapists, PTA's, Occupational Therapists, OTA's, Athletic Trainers, Exercise and Fitness Professionals  


CEU Accreditations

NAT Credits 60
Massage Therapists (MMA - formerly AAMT) 10